OK, so maybe I don't hate all fruit but I've probably gone a year at a time without eating a piece of fresh fruit. If my 3-year-old didn't love it, I would probably still forget to eat any.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking It Seriously...

I have been having a hard time taking my diet seriously this year.  All those extra calories nursing the baby has been burning have left me thinking I can eat whatever I want.  As of this week, I officially gained back all 6 pounds I managed to lose this year. I have managed to keep off the 40 pounds I had lost up to the end of last year though.  I tend to think that my eating habits are a lot better than before I started on my journey, but clearly they have room for improvement.

I think I have probably slipped back into a little bit of depression.  Al has had a rough cycle at work and I haven’t been getting out of the house much.  I probably need to call my girlfriends and make some playdates!

Meanwhile, I’ve already completely blown through my points for the week, and I have no desire to stifle this craving for the ice cream in the freezer that’s calling my name.  Why is it in there to start with?  Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry and just because something is on a good sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. :P

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

McDonald’s detox

OK, I admit it.  I didn’t believe people when they said McDonald’s food messes with their digestive system.  I’ve been eating there for years and it never bothered me.  I watched SuperSize Me, and was slightly deterred for a short time.  My doctor said she can’t bring herself to eat there anymore because real food decomposes.  Have you ever seen a McDonald’s French fry in your car a year later?  It looks the same.  LOL

But for some strange reason, we have not had a meal at McDonald’s for over 2 months.  I think that’s a record for us.  We weren’t avoiding it on purpose; we’ve just been eating at other places.  We do like their low-point ice cream cones, though. Mmmmmm.  And their Cinnamon Melts, but I’ve found a grocery store alternative that is waaaayyyy less points, so I can feed my cravings with that. :P  Anyway, my mom, Bethany and I ate at McDonald’s for lunch today, and my stomach has been churning for 7 hours!  Could it be?  Did I actually go through some sort of detox, and now have I joined the ranks of adults who refuse to eat there at all costs?  Maybe.  I don’t want to feel like this again. :/

Rewards! More than I expected!

I set out to go shopping for size 14 pants/capris/skirts today, because my new 16s are already too big and my 18Ws are literally falling off my hips!  CJ Banks, a plus size women’s store, has been one of my favorites for awhile now, and I was so excited to finally be shopping in the chain’s regular sizes store, Christopher & Banks, for the first time ever!  Then I discovered that all their pants/capris/skirts were Buy One, Get One FREE!!! (Usually it’s BOGO ½ off.)  So I quickly browsed the store picking up size 14s and one size 12 out of curiosity.  Imagine my shock and elation to discover that ALL of the 14s were already too big!  I ended up with a size 10 skirt and a size 12 pair of capris!  I have not been this size for 12 years; my wedding dress was a 14  I am so excited!!!

That said and celebrated, I think that store run might run a little big.  At Wal-mart, I’m still a 14.  I guess I’ll see when I go to JC Penney’s to use my $10 off coupons. :)

UPDATE: I really am a 12! I bought jeans at Penney's today. :) I'm shocked!